Product Knowledge Equals Customer Service

You’ve heard the adage about selling benefits vs features. It’s also sometimes stated as “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. But this really isn’t enough.

When people come to you for your product or service, they are in essence looking for help. They want help to solve a problem (need), or satisfy a desire(want). They arrive with a built-in skepticism because they don’t know yet if they can trust you. This is the way it is. Trust is the operative word here. You must learn to ease their doubts so they will develop trust.

Hand writing a comparison between quality and price of customer need for good service concept

The most important thing they are looking for is value for the hard-earned cash they are going to part with. Value means different things to different people and it’s your responsibility to figure out what this is in each instance.

One of the best techniques I developed to overcome this skepticism is to know everything I possibly can about the products I sell. By everything I mean more than just benefits or features. When you can talk beyond the usual stuff that customers hear everywhere they go, you increase exponentially your chances of building the ever important trust you need from them.

So are you ready for my big secret? Always remember, what I talk about, I do! I don’t theorize. These little tidbits have worked successfully for me for many years.

Anything I sell, I learn how it’s made, where it’s made,what are the materials in it, and every thing else I can know. You can’t learn all of this over night but you can learn it in a relatively short time frame.

I always integrate this knowledge into my discussions with customers and watch as their skepticism wanes.

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Why does this work? It impresses them greatly. They can tell I know what I’m talking about and this leads to belief and trust. I’m educating them! This is service. this is what I love to do. The sale comes secondary to me. I enjoy the educational process. There is no trickery or deceit here. It’s just telling the truth and giving out as much knowledge as it takes to help people make a decision on way or another. The funny thing about all this is that the customer is going to forget 98% of what I talk about 10 minutes after they leave me. But the “knowledge” has already done its job.

This is a powerful Customer service technique that always works for me. Care enough to learn to do this and you will be amazed at how much stress you eliminate from your experiences with consumers.

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