I Used To Lock Some Customers In My Store Until They Made A Purchase!

I guess you can’t have it easier than that. If a customer doesn’t buy, lock them up until they do buy!

All kidding aside though, on many occasions I did lock the customer in the store with me until they were taken care of.

This would happen if it was closing time and my customer wasn’t finished shopping or we may have been having a fit problem that was going to take some time, or I might have been making an adjustment on returned merchandise.


I would tell the help to go home and lock the door and leave the lights on with me and my customer inside. The surprising thing was that most of the times this happened the customer was willing to return the following day to finish but I was always willing to stay late if they were willing. They had the option.

I can hear you saying now, “why lock the door when you might get more customers”?

That wasn’t my concern. My concern was the customer I had and I wanted to be in a position to give that customer my undivided attention. Other customers coming in would have split my attention. Not  conducive to good customer service.

  • Every customer I ever did this with was very grateful to me.
  • Every customer I ever did this with became a loyal customer to our store.
  • Did I give up my time just to make a loyal customer that would spend more money in my store?
  • NOPE! I stayed simply because I wanted to solve the customer’s problem.


Oh, and by the way, I always did solve the customer’s problem.

Are you willing to lock the customer in your store until they make a purchase? Do you allow your associates to stay late to take care of your customers?

As you see there are many ways you can attract more customers and make increase profit of your business, however you should always keep in mind that strategies can vary. For example some strategies can be useful for car rental business, however for it business the same strategies can be unacceptable. We hope you found this article useful and it will help you improve your business and customer satisfaction. If you have something to say, feel free to post your comment below. Good luck!

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